Culture Japan’s New ‘Smart Doll’ Can Charge Your Phone and Double as a Computer Case

Culture Japan’s New ‘Smart Doll’ Can Charge Your Phone and Double as a Computer CaseCulture Japan’s New ‘Smart Doll’ Can Charge Your Phone and Double as a Computer Case
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June 14, 2016
Computer geeks can install their Android OS and plug in their USBs into a Japanese “smart doll.”
The Smart Doll line is modeled after the mascot of Japanese television show “Culture Japan.” The dolls can be turned into mobile battery charging station for their mobile devices or into a desktop case for their smartphones.
According to the company’s website, the smart dolls are manufactured in Japan with 3D prototyping technologies and traditional casting techniques.
The ball-joints of Mirai Seunaga dolls purportedly allow them to hold up to 1.5 pounds of various gadgets.
The website advertises the dolls as a cost-efficient tool for fashion students and designers.
Select smart dolls are equipped with two USB slots while a male version features a USB hub with three slots.
The top of the doll can literally be taken off and the insides removed and replaced.
The Mirai Suenaga smart doll is sold for $490, or 52,000 yen.
The torso piece for a doll costs $130 or 14,000 yen.
Body parts, clothes and accessories are sold separately online.
The Japanese doll’s body parts are also exchangeable. The website reads:
“By default, all female Smart Dolls come with an S-sized bust which do not have headlights and are perfect for T-shirts. Just like how some folks prefer their Cafe Mocha in Small, Tall, Grande or Venti, we also do various bust sizes (with and without headlights) ranging from XS to XL. The busts can be changed simply by pulling the arms and head off and then replacing the busts.”
Danny Choo, the creator of “Culture Japan,” established the brand with his wife in 2007.
Choo, a U.K. native, was employed at the popular Japanese chain restaurant Benihana before working in IT for Amazon and Microsoft. He finally quit corporate life and delved into Japanese culture by creating his character Mirai Suenaga, which would go on to become a mascot for Japanese tourism.
Culture Japan is the umbrella brand formed under the company Mirai Kabushiki Gaisha.
Their notable clients include Sony, Disney Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.
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