Japanese Photographer Captures the Most Photogenic Little Girl in the World

“Mirai-chan” is the best-selling photo book of the life and adventures of a 4-year-old Japanese girl. The pictures capture the memorable and candid moments of the adorable rosy-cheeked girl from her rural home in the Japanese countryside to her time in Paris, France.

Tokyo-based photographer Kotori Kawashima began photographing the daughter of his friend after meeting her. He recalled during an interview with Kitsuné:

“When I met my friend’s child, I was amazed by this creature. I wanted to take pictures of her after spending time with her during one year.

“She was such into her life, she was not caring about the camera at all!”

His photo book, which was originally published in a small print run by a Tokyo gallery, quickly sold out. It has been republished and is said to be one of the best-selling photo books in Japan last year. To date, the book has reportedly sold over 80,000 copies and was awarded the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Photos in 2011.

“Mirai-chan,” which translates to “Little Miss Future,” is not the real name of the little girl who is the subject of the photo book. The girl is believed to come from the Nigata prefecture in a village on Sado Island.

h/t: BoredPanda
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