Minnesota Republican Leader Suffers Racist Attacks from Her Own Party and Trump Supporters

Minnesota Republican Leader Suffers Racist Attacks from Her Own Party and Trump Supporters
Bryan Ke
June 25, 2018
Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan claimed in a Facebook post on Friday that she had been subjected to several verbal racist and sexist attacks by her party leaders and supporters of Donald Trump at one of his rallies.
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She wrote that “some (sadly) Republican Party leaders/executive committee members around this state have made racist comments about me, and to me — calling me ‘dragon lady, a ch*nk, a stupid Asian not even born in America’ and other awful racial slurs,” Carnahan wrote on Facebook, as can be seen in the Twitter post that Crystal City Councilman Jeff Kolb made late last week.
Kolb tried to call on Carnahan to drop a few names of the people who made racist comments towards her, but she did not respond to his social media post.
While speaking to the Star Tribune, Carnahan refused to identify the people involved in the racial slur attack, and instead, she explained that the comments she made were not exactly directed at her own executive board; that she was merely venting on her personal page.
I was trying to highlight the admiration and respect I have for my father. I’m trying to bring a positive voice to the party and show the importance of working together and being positive,” she told the publication, which she also pointed out in her post.
My dad told me to be polite and respectful to others no matter what they say to me. That is why I love my dad so much,” Carnahan wrote in her Facebook post.
She also recounted in her social media post how one man at the Trump rally approached her and told her that she’s “disgusting,” and another encounter where someone from her high school told her that she’s a “nobody and a loser.”
Carnahan said that she’s received messages as well online where people left her with nasty messages. She wrote: “I received several emails telling me “I’m not worth a penny, am doing a sh*t, job and should crawl back into a hole and stay there – and that’s why my predecessors (all men) deserved to make more money than me and I don’t even deserve a penny.”
Carnahan still remains an avid Trump supporter.
The 42-year-old politician, known as the first Asian-American Chairwoman for the Republican Party of Minnesota, was first elected to lead the state party in 2017, Newsweek reported. She is of Korean descent and was adopted by her parents who live in Minnesota.
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