Singaporean Billionaire Saves Christmas for Australian Boy After Thief Steals His Gifts

Singaporean Billionaire Saves Christmas for Australian Boy After Thief Steals His GiftsSingaporean Billionaire Saves Christmas for Australian Boy After Thief Steals His Gifts
Tan Min-Liang, CEO and co-founder of massive high-performance gaming hardware company Razer, saved an Australian boy’s Christmas after his family went through a traumatic experience days before the holiday.
A thief broke into Adela Courteille’s Francis Street home in the coastal suburb of Dee Why in northern Sydney last early Thursday morning, according to The Daily Telegraph. The unnamed suspect reportedly took many items from the family’s house, including credit cards, tools, a laptop, and the presents of Courteille’s two children, 12-year-old Callum and 18-month-old Chelsea.
They took all my 12-year-old son’s presents and most of my 18-month-old daughter’s presents, although thankfully they missed some of my daughter’s presents, the mother told the newspaper. I can understand tools and a credit card but what is the thief going to do with a Barbie doll, a small play handbag and other tools for our daughter Chelsea?
The presents for our son Callum will be harder and more expensive to replace because they were more specific, like a Razer gaming keyboard, she added.
After hearing what happened, Tan immediately took to his Facebook on Friday, asking for a way to connect to Callum’s family so he could send him a new keyboard for Christmas.
On Saturday, the Razer CEO announced on his social media account that Callum finally received his keyboard. To add more to the Christmas present, the Singapore and San Francisco-based company included a brand new Razer gaming mouse and a headset to complete the package.
When we read in the press that someone had stolen Callum’s Razer keyboard that was to be his Christmas present, we knew we had to act, Tan wrote in his Facebook post.
I’m glad to say Team Razer Australia managed to get our reindeer, sleigh and red outfit together to get him his keyboard……and an entire gaming suite, all in time for Christmas! Have a Razer Christmas one and all!
As for Callum, he couldn’t be happier with his Christmas gifts. “Thank you Mr Tan for your gift to my Grandson,” said his grandfather in a FaceBook comment to the CEO. “Earlier in the week I only saw Callum crying and now he is smiling again! I haven’t heard of Razer before this week but I will most certainly be telling everyone about it now. Thank you again for your gift to Callum.”
Something similar happened earlier this month when a die-hard fan dared Tan to give him a new gaming smartphone after permanently tattooing the Razer CEO’s face on his leg.
Featured Image via Facebook / Min-Liang Tan
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