Woman Draws Penises All Over Her Face in Makeup Tutorial — Turns Out Great

One Tumblr user has gone viral overnight for showcasing a rather unconventional way to contour her face
In a post titled “hoe’s contour and highlight routine,” makeup artist Mimi Duong starts drawing penises into specific areas of her face, then covers them up to makeup.
She looks perfectly decent in the end and you’d probably have no idea she has a bunch of penises under her makeup if you saw her in public.
Contouring is a technique which was initially popular amongst runway models and professional photoshoots, but thanks to the internet, it’s become more mainstream, according to Teen Vogue.
“Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup,” Beau Nelson, Kristen Stewart’s longtime makeup artist, told Teen Vogue.
“It’s not supposed to be noticeable — just a subtle definition.”
“I enjoy doing makeup and posting provocative things on Instagram so I just randomly thought of drawing a dick on my face.” Duong told NextShark. “At first I was only going to draw a dick on my nose with black eyeliner, but I didn’t want to mess up my makeup. The idea to contour using the shape of dicks just popped up and I went with it.”
The post currently has over 46,000 reblogs and counting, which makes it a pretty successful video when you find out that it’s actually a last minute marketing campaign for fashion startup Fifthtee. Jason Wong, founder of Fifthtee wrote in a Facebook Post:
“So Fifthtee started a month ago, and we absolutely used up every.single.cent. of our marketing budget. I’m pulling money out of my rent, car payment fund, and my savings account, just to keep the store afloat. It’s doing fine now, but it’s growing too slow. With our initial capital, there was no way for us to hit our goal of a million dollars by next year. So What Would Jason Do (WWJD)?
“I needed something viral. A boom. I needed millions of people to see Fifthtee’s logo, and I need as much brand exposure as possible at the smallest cost. So I thought, why not make something controversial.
“The idea is that I want Fifthtee’s logo to be fixed into as many people’s brain as possible. So for the next few weeks I’ll start more ads for Fifthtee and those who recognize the logo from this video will be more inclined to engage with the advertisement.”
Jason then hired her friend Mimi from Mission Viejo, Ca to do the video. Within 24 hours of the video going viral, Fifthtee has been flooded with orders.
Well played Mr. Wong. Well played.
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