Milwaukee Woman Dies After Being Sexually Assaulted

Milwaukee Woman Dies After Being Sexually AssaultedMilwaukee Woman Dies After Being Sexually Assaulted
Bryan Ke
January 14, 2021
Editor’s Note (June 19, 2023): A previous version of this article incorrectly stated in the headline that 11 teens beat the victim. Further reports revealed that only two were involved in the alleged assault. We have made the update.
Police released a search warrant that shares gruesome details surrounding the death of a woman found brutally beaten in Washington Park, Milwaukee, on Sept. 16, 2020.
Although the warrant does not fully solve the case of 36-year-old Hmong American Ee Lee, it does shed light on how the attack happened, according to FOX6.
A group of five to seven people was caught on film at the location where the struggle first happened, as stated in the warrant via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Other cameras also captured two groups of people — totaling 11 individuals — leaving the park on bicycles after the attack.
Surveillance footage on Sept. 16 at a nearby convenience store shows Lee not long before the attack.
Screenshot via Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office
The warrant further states that Lee escaped while being assaulted by a group of “young males” near a tree in the park. She ran to a nearby pond, but a few people from the group followed her. They reportedly dragged her to the location where she was later found.
Ee Lee
Two boys notified the authorities of Lee’s body, which they discovered at around 9:30 p.m. Lee was taken to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries three days later.
During the investigation, police found evidence of a struggle as well as drag marks in the dirt near the trees. It was also discovered that the clothes of the two boys, aged 15 and 16, matched those of two people who left the park after the attack.
On Sept. 17, police questioned one of the boys who notified the authorities. The boy’s mother allegedly instructed him to “delete everything off of his phone.”
Evidence of sexual assault was also discovered during a hospital examination.
Lee was last seen at the Viet Hoa Supermarket before 6 p.m. and later at Washington Park at around 6:20 p.m.
Lee’s sister Nancy says she and her family want answers.
“I just want justice for her,” said Nancy. “That’s all I want. She don’t deserve to die that way.”
Feature Image via FOX6 News Milwaukee
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