Teens Charged Over Rape and Murder of Milwaukee Woman

Teens Charged Over Rape and Murder of Milwaukee WomanTeens Charged Over Rape and Murder of Milwaukee Woman
Two teenagers have been charged in connection with the rape and death of Ee Lee in Washington Park, Milwaukee in September 2020.
Violent crime: Lee, 36, was found unconscious, still breathing but with severe injuries and undressed below the waist in Washington Park by “bystanders” on Sept. 16, 2020. She died three days later, NextShark previously reported.
  • The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Lee was sexually assaulted and identified blunt force trauma to her head as the cause of her death.
  • Footage obtained from the Washington Park Library showed two groups of people leaving the park.
  • One group had six riding bicycles and another had five individuals, some of whom were on bikes and others on foot. 
Facing charges: Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15, were charged as adults with first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree sexual assault on Tuesday, reports Fox6.
  • A witness who called 911 eventually gave a “detailed statement,” indicating that Lewis’ phone reportedly had a video showing Lewis and Spencer hitting Lee as she lay on the ground.
  • A second witness, who said he received a video of the incident recorded by Lewis via Facebook Messenger, claimed Lewis hit Lee with tree branches and punched her in the face while Spencer also beat her.
  • The mother of the second witness reached out to detectives on Jan. 12 to report that she possessed a video showing “two boys beating a lady,” and “you could tell who they were,” and added that there were “a lot of other little kids standing around.”
  • DNA from Lewis and Spencer were found on the victim’s body and denim jacket.
  • A third witness, whose DNA was identified on the scene, told prosecutors that he walked to the park with Lewis and Spencer and “they saw this lady on a blanket in the park…” and “walked up to her to see if she had any money, and started harassing her.” This witness allegedly left because he “didn’t want to be involved.”
  • According to prosecutors, Lewis admitted to beating, sexually assaulting and then leaving Lee for dead near a pond.
  • Lewis said he thought Lee was dead and “didn’t really care about her because she’s not someone he knows personally.”
  • Spencer’s mugshot has not been released yet.
Featured Image via FOX6
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