Bay Area Racist Targets Asian American Couple at Supermarket

Bay Area Racist Targets Asian American Couple at SupermarketBay Area Racist Targets Asian American Couple at Supermarket
An Asian American couple exposed a man who went on a racist rant and questioned their presence in the U.S. for no apparent reason.
The incident, which was caught on video, occurred at the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store in Milpitas, California last week.
The video begins with the man already yelling from his SUV while the woman behind the camera, identified only as Junie, defends herself from his racist tirade.
“He’s a f***ing Asian,” the man said, apparently referring to Junie’s fiance, Minh. “What are you doing in this country?”
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Shocked at the man’s question, Junie snapped back to inform him that she is an American citizen.
“What am I doing in this country? I’m an American citizen! That’s why I’m in this country,” she said. “What are you doing?”
The man dismissed Junie’s statement and continued to insult them.
“I don’t care. We have enough people,” he said.
The video ended after the man’s response. It’s unclear how long the argument had been before Junie and Minh decided to film it.
“I was very anxious, I had a lot of anxiety,” Junie told KRON 4. “I was actually very scared kinda shaken up by it.”
On the other hand, Minh regretted retaliating with a homophobic slur toward the end of the altercation.
“I’m sorry, I never meant what I said, I’m just trying to defend my loved one and when someone throws stuff at you, you want to throw something back,” Minh told ABC 7.
The couple first posted the video on social media to spread awareness. It has since reached Milpitas Mayor Richard Tran, who spoke to the police.
“We’re not looking to end their careers or livelihoods but we’re actually looking to make teaching moments,” Tran told ABC 7, encouraging Asian Americans and other people of color to go beyond cancel culture. “Let’s try to look after each other and teach each other because we can learn something new every day.”
Junie and Minh have no plans of pressing charges against the man, who remains unidentified to date.
“He can apologize not just to us, but to the Asian community and that was our only motive. Nothing else,” the couple told KRON 4.
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