Millionaire CEO of CBS Refuses to Tip Valet Because He Only Had $100s

Few things are uglier than seeing how stingy an ultra-rich person can be.
CBS President and CEO Les Moonves, whose net worth is an estimated $300 million, refused to tip a parking valet because he only had $100 bills on him.
Last week, Moonves attended the birthday party of 92-year-old Sumner Redstone, the billionaire executive chairman of CBS and Viacom. After the party, Moonves stood waiting for the valet to bring him his car. LMNOLA captured video of the exchange.
The valet arrives and steps out of the car as Moonves reaches for his wallet.
After a few awkward seconds of shuffling through his stack of cash, Moonves says, “Shit. I only have $100 bills.”
The two share one agonizing second of looking into each others’ eyes, Moonves seemingly searching for validation for his not giving the guy a generous tip. He holds fast to his decision that $100 is just too much to tip, however, and the the valet responds with a slight “Hey, it’s cool” shrug, before touching Moonves on the shoulder and saying, “Get it next time sir, no worries.”
“I’ll get you next time, cheers,” Moonves replies as he puts his wad of cash away and steps into his car.
In 2013, Moonves made $67 million, $40 million more than the CEO of Goldman Sachs.
Was it too much to throw the guy a $100 for a little good karma?
Source: Gawker
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