‘Millennials’ Are Now Obsolete — ‘Centennials’ are the New Generation

‘Millennials’ Are Now Obsolete — ‘Centennials’ are the New Generation
Jacob Wagner
June 23, 2015
If you consider yourself a member of the millennial generation, meaning you are between the ages of 18 and 34, you are officially too old for marketers to care about you. Their eyes are now set on the new generation of kids 18 years old and younger (according to them) that have been dubbed “centennials.”
On Tuesday, Snapchat, The Daily Mail and WPP announced their partnership in a new advertising agency called Truffle Pig. The agency will focus on digital content, media production and analytics specifically for centennials in the form of “native advertising,” or ads that look like regular stories.
Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the world’s largest ad company, told Business Insider:

“If you look at the data that our own futures group has produced, on the media habit of centennials — [people aged 0-18] — their attitude to Snapchat is markedly different from Facebook, so that seems to indicate generational changes.

“Facebook is the largest country on the planet [in terms of users], but maybe centennials don’t want that. They want ‘Mission Impossible’ [style] destruction. They want to keep stuff away from the prying eyes of others, family, and whatever else. But whatever the reason is, it’s different. Therefore it’s volatile. It indicates there’s volatility, and it pays to be involved.”

Sorrell apparently never bothered to utter the word “millennials” when announcing the new partnership. Just when they said the future of the world would be in the hands of millennials, we’ve already been cast aside for the younger market.
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