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Why Millennial Eating Habits are Making Them Broke

Generation Y loves to eat out. Although millennials make up only 25% of the population, they eat out more than all other generational groups combined.

In fact, they love eating out so much that 87% of millennials said that they will “splurge on a nice meal, even when money is tight.” That also partly explains why millennials are dirt broke and why 56% of millennials say they would switch food brands if offered a cents-off coupon.

Although millennials eat out more often and want to save money on their food, they’re still also very concerned with how their food is grown, with 80% citing it as an issue and 30% reporting that they eat foods certified as organic.

Check out the infographic below from Restaurant Marketing Labs to learn more statistics on the dining habits of millennials.

h/t: Eater Image via Huffington Post
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