Hot ‘Crunchy Milk Tea’ Now Sold in Vancouver Boba Shop

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A popular boba shop in Metro Vancouver is now offering “Crunchy Milk Tea,” the latest of the drink with seemingly endless incarnations.

The hot beverage, officially “Crunchy Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly,” is The Alley Canada’s first new drink of 2021, available at locations in Vancouver (985 Hornby St.) and Richmond (8368 Capstan Way).

Image via The Alley Canada

The Alley was founded in 2013 in Taipei by graphic designer Chiu Mao-Ting.

Today, the business has expanded to multiple international locations, with eight outlets present in the U.S.

Image via The Alley Canada

According to The Alley Canada, its “Crunchy Milk Tea” is made of hot brown sugar milk tea paired with brown sugar jelly.

Butter crisps layered at the top of the drink give it a satisfying crunch.

Image via The Alley Canada

“A textural and flavour play with our best milk tea,” the shop said of its latest offering.

Photos of the drink are already popping up on Instagram:


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Boba connoisseurs in Metro Vancouver who are interested in trying the drink must hurry, however, as it will only be available until Feb. 10.

Feature Images via The Alley Canada

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