You Know Yakult, But Have You Tried the Japanese Fizzy Milk Soda Skal?

milk soda

By now, everyone has probably grown up with or at least heard of Yakult, but there’s another celebrated Asian drink from Jaan called Skal, the first carbonated milk soda in Japan since its creation in 1972

This yogurty drink claims it has not changed its taste since its inception and is one of many underrated Japanese vending machine drinks. The name itself means squall or storm.

Various flavors of this fruity, creamy beverage include citrus, melon and apple.

Want to try out this drink for yourself or stock up? Head to Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket chain, in select U.S. locations.

Feature Image via Instagram / @meri_7474 (Left), @vendingmachinesjapan (Right)

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