Chinese Woman Starts New Trend With Cute Animal Butt Phone Cases

Chinese Woman Starts New Trend With Cute Animal Butt Phone Cases
King Malleta
By King Malleta
April 19, 2017
There are countless cute, quirky, and funny phone cases out there, but have you ever seen a thing such as a “needle felted corgi butt phone case”?
It might sound weird at first but somehow these novelty items will either make you want to hoard them or say “Pass!”
These cute items are made by Etsy user Miko Ho. She said on their shop page “MoonFeltCraft” that all the items in the store are handmade in collaboration with her husband.
“I have a dream, a handwork dream. I love DIY, love all kinds of hand works since I was a child,” said Ho. “This is a way to make the item alive I think, the process is so miraculous and interesting.”
It looks like Ho and her husband have served many happy customers with their felted animal butt items, with one customer saying, It’s the most perfect case I’ve ever seen. The details of the cat butt, the balls (lol), the tails, the paw, and even the stripes were very well done. Could feel the effort of the seller put into making this awesome craft.”
Apart from phone cases, they also make keychains, refrigerator magnets, brooches, and berets.
So, which one would you get? The corgi butt, the cat butt or the panda butt?
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