This Designer Created a Great Way to Keep Her Long-Distance Relationship Alive

One talented graphic designer used her skills to create a “hidden surprise” to show her long-distance boyfriend she’s always there without actually being there.

Mikki Miller, a graphic designer from Minnesota, created a briefcase filled with letter to be opened on particular occasions for her boyfriend, Tyson Noël, who lives in nearly 1,500 miles away in British Columbia, Canada.

Miller hid the suitcase in Noël’s place when she visited over New Year’s. Several days after she left back to Minnesota, she sent him a text for where to find her hidden briefcase.

The brown briefcase was filled with letters with specific instructions for every occasion.

While only Noël and Miller know what’s in each letter or package (for now), the internet agrees: any girlfriend who puts this much work into a long-distance relationship is certainly a keeper.

In his post on Imgur, Noël was sure to write: “This was by far my favourite gift this year. Thank you @mishellymonster, you’re the greatest. Love you!”

h/t: BoredPanda
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