YouTuber Miiasaurus returns months after fabrication, ‘blaccent’ controversy

YouTuber Miiasaurus returns months after fabrication, ‘blaccent’ controversyYouTuber Miiasaurus returns months after fabrication, ‘blaccent’ controversy
Bryan Ke
November 2, 2022
Miiasaurus, a YouTuber who rose to fame for her “storytime” content before moving on to other genres, announced her return to the online video-sharing platform months after “canceling” herself for fabricating stories and for her use of a “
Nearly four months after outing herself in a YouTube post, Miiasaurus, whose real name is Miia Kinnunen, announced her return in a video uploaded to her channel on Oct. 22.
In her video, she explains that she took a break to focus on herself, take a breather and “think about who I am as a person and how that causes me to act.”
“I realized in that time that I am not happy with the way that I am carrying myself and the way that I’m allowing so many different people from respective communities to be caught in the crossfire of me not fixing my bullsh*t,” she continues.
Kinnunen then proceeds to apologize to the Black community, saying, “I made a conscious decision to continue carrying out a caricature of a person… I am so disgusted by that, and I really hope that future content that I create [and] the things that I upload to the internet, on every single platform, can reflect who I am now and how much I don’t want to contribute to racial discrimination.”
In her video in July, Kinnunen spoke about her time in the “storytime” genre that was popularized by YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Simply Nessa when she joined the platform in 2011. She admitted that she had a problem with compulsive and pathological lying, revealing that the majority of her content, about “95 percent,” was fabricated.
Kinnenun, who is half white and half Asian, switched her content years ago from storytimes to pop culture commentary. She currently has over 1.1 million YouTube subscribers.
I’m not Black, and I talked in a way that maybe I didn’t have Black people and marginalized groups in mind… adding to stigma that impacts them and worsens their lives,” she says, referring to her use of a “blaccent” in past videos. “I was wrong for that.”
In her latest video, Kinnenun says that she has already removed her past content, adding that those videos have “no place on the internet anymore.” Kinnenun mentions that there are a lot of life updates that she will be sharing with her fans.
I’m excited for people to know who I actually am rather than see some bullsh*t fabricated version of myself,” she says. “I’m not saying everything is a lie, but it’s so intertwined that hopefully you understand what I mean. I’m happy to be coming back.”
She also states that she will be donating a portion of the proceeds she receives from her videos moving forward to respective communities, “starting off with the Black community.”
I am so sorry,” she says in her video. “And the same thing goes for those I have harmed in mental health communities. Those with bipolar [disorder], those who genuinely have to turn to sex work as a form of survival.”
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