Middle School Student in China Proposes to His Teacher, Gets Mercilessly Rejected

A middle school student in China has gained internet popularity in the local social media for his ballsy attempt (and failure) to capture the heart of his teacher.

The brutal, painful rejection, which was witnessed by his friends, was also caught on video and has since gone viral after it was uploaded on Chinese social networking site Weibo.

In the footage, the young Romeo did exactly what well-intended lovers often do in such occasions: dropping on one knee while holding a bunch of flowers to express his adoration for the woman of his dreams.

The scene was even made more romantic by a local ballad played live on a ukulele and a huge sign that read: “Teacher Li, I love you! Marry me!”, reported Shanghaiist.

Many of his friends were there to witness the sweet gesture. They were also close enough to hear what Teacher Li had to say about his gesture: “Stop wasting my time! I have a boyfriend.”

Undeterred by the rejection, the student revealed what seemed to be a “diamond ring” to make his beloved teacher reconsider. Teacher Li, however, was determined to quash his hopes rather convincingly by pushing her admirer, destroying the music setup, and walking over the flowers.

Commenters on Weibo gave their opinion on the student’s gesture, with many praising his courage to even attempt such seemingly foolish feat. More netizens however, expressed doubt over the authenticity of the video due to the teacher’s outfit, which apparently is not a common dress code for teachers in China.

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