Micro Drone Films Captivating Video of Japanese High School Girls

A micro drone piloted by an excellent videographer has filmed a jaw-dropping sequence of Japanese high school girls while in class.

The video posted on YouTube channel Katsu FPV features seven high school girls participating in a creative project called Onnanocos, which aims to capture “the vibrant beauty of smiling school girls.”

While Onnanocos clearly met that goal, the person piloting the drone deserves credit for what appears to be unmatched camera work.

As seen from the drone’s point of view, it filmed subjects from just the right distance, staying in sync with their movements.

Check out these stills:

The whole thing is obviously scripted, but we can only imagine the skills needed to make it look flawless!

Interestingly, a second version of the video shows the girls in a more laid-back atmosphere, but the drone had no problem keeping up.

Check out the videos below:

Version 1

Version 2

Images via YouTube / Katsu FPV

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