Video: Michelle Yeoh calls magic trick ‘boring’ … until a ‘bleeding’ card blows her mind

Video: Michelle Yeoh calls magic trick ‘boring’ … until a ‘bleeding’ card blows her mindVideo: Michelle Yeoh calls magic trick ‘boring’ … until a ‘bleeding’ card blows her mind
Daniel Anderson
September 7, 2022
It is a tall order to impress film icon Michelle Yeoh, but Asian American magician Kevin Li literally did the trick.
In a clip posted by Li on his Instagram account on Wednesday, the magician tries to flex his skills for Yeoh.
He has Yeoh pull out a card from a deck without showing him which card it is. The card is then placed at the bottom of the deck and Li says it’s a red card, which Yeoh confirms. He then asks if the card is a heart, but Yeoh rolls her eyes and says, “This is getting boring.”
Li then flips a card and asks if her card was the five of hearts, which Yeoh says is wrong. He asks Yeoh to check to see if anything is in his mouth; Yeoh says there is nothing but his tongue. Li, however, proceeds to cough out a needle from his mouth and stabs it through the back of the five of hearts card. The card then oozes “blood” through the hole, and Li has Yeoh announce her actual card, the four of hearts. He then flips the bloody card over to reveal the middle fifth heart to have disappeared, thus making it the “four of hearts.”
Judging by the wristband on Yeoh’s arm, this mystical moment took place during 88rising’s Head in the Clouds music festival last month. That event brought together artists such as BIBI, Rich Brian, CHUNG HA, MILLI and Joji. From Li’s older Instagram posts, he also did tricks for other performing artists like Jay Park and GOT7 rapper and solo artist Jackson Wang.   
Coincidently, Wang has a forthcoming album arriving on Sept. 9 called “MAGIC MAN,” with a tracklist that includes the previously released song “Cruel” and the unreleased but live debuted numbers “Drive It Like You Stole It” and “Blue.” 
Feature Image via: Kevin Li’s Instagram
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