California Representative Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Claims It’s a ‘Good Way to Lose Weight’

Michelle Steel

Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA) joked during a recent interview that having COVID-19 is a “very good way to lose weight.”

What happened: The 65-year-old Republican politician made the comment during an interview with the South Orange County Economic Coalition as part of its Meet Your Newly Elected Officials program on Jan. 22.


  • After being asked about her plans for the next two years, Steel mentioned stopping Obamacare. She then talked about the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • “I went through this COVID for [the] last two weeks… I lost few weights. It’s a very good way to lose your weight,” she joked at the 19:32 mark of the interview on YouTube.
  • Her comment did not sit well with viewers. Some social media users called her out for the remarks, especially since the United States has more than 25.8 million total cases as of the time of writing.

Changing her mind: Steel, who once expressed skepticism about the mask mandate in Orange County, tested positive on Jan. 6.

  • The politician did not show any symptoms after she tested positive, but a physician advised her to quarantine herself to protect her colleagues.
  • Although she initially had doubts about the mask mandate, Steel changed her mind last July. She then encouraged everyone in Orange County to wear a mask.

Feature Image via FOX 11 Los Angeles (Left), South Orange County Economic Coalition (Right)

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