The Only Michelin-Starred Ramen in the World is Now Sold in Japanese Convenience Stores

In Japan, a stop at local convenience stores Circle K or Sunkus provides customers a chance to taste a bowl of noodles from the world’s only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant: Tokyo’s very own Tsuta ramen restaurant.

Tsuta made international headlines in December last year after it became the only Michelin-starred ramen house in the world. Joining the ranks of the world’s top restaurants, the tiny nine-seater noodle shop earned a star from the highly respected Michelin Guide.

Beginning May 24, convenience store chains in Japan will stock an instant version of the popular chilled soy sauce ramen, an item lifted straight from Tsuta’s menu, for just 498 yen, or about $4.50.

Tsuta owner and chef Yuki Onishi reportedly oversaw the entire production of the ready-made meal to ensure that the quality is on par with the original. The noodles, prepared in-house, are made with whole-wheat flour. Several ingredients are included to top the noodles after the specially made sauce is poured in: a healthy serving of shredded leek, bamboo shoots, roasted pork, spring onions, and soft-boiled egg marinated in soy-and-mirin.

Compared with noodles from the restaurant, RocketNews 24 reported that the pre-made ramen tasted authentic.
“Although cold, the flavoursome broth tasted just like the version we enjoyed at Tsuta restaurant when we visited earlier this year,” the report said.

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