Michelin-Starred Ramen Shop in Japan Releases Cup Noodle Version

Michelin-Starred Ramen Shop in Japan Releases Cup Noodle VersionMichelin-Starred Ramen Shop in Japan Releases Cup Noodle Version
Nakiryu, a one Michelin star Japanese restaurant, has partnered with Nissin Foods to bring their world-class noodles to mass market.
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According to GoodyFeed, the Nakiryu Dandan cup noodles retains the same quality of ramen found in the actual restaurant. Food critics might be skeptical when top-quality cuisine is being associated with cup noodles, but the article testified to the “distinct yet refined aftertaste” of the “best of both worlds” product.
Needless to say, the reporter who tried the Nakiryu Dandan noodles was “blown away” by the soup’s mix of sour and spicy taste that goes well with its sesame and mellow chicken flavors.
Furthermore, the reporter was amazed by the fact that a scrumptious Michelin star meal could be easily prepared in under five minutes. As for the noodles themselves, the “delectably textured” thin noodles found in Nakiryu restaurant was perfectly recreated in the cup noodles version.
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After all, the prestigious Michelin star is only awarded to restaurants and meals that are worthy of praise, something that these cup noodles apparently deserved. The source mentioned that the only drawback for these noodles is that they’re only sold in convenience stores in Japan for 200 yen each ($1.83).
However, those hoping to try out these delicious Michelin-quality cup noodles from around the world can try their luck by purchasing them online for about 360 yen ($3.29) each, according to TastingTable. Online retailers, such as Hobby Link Japan, also tried selling the noodles; unfortunately, the product is currently marked as “discontinued” on the site’s product page, with no word yet on when they’ll be back in stock.
Feature Image via YouTube/Jason Is Lost In Japan
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