Man Buys Old NES Game at a Garage Sale For $2, Sells it for $7,500 Two Years Later

A game enthusiast just sold an old Nintendo game he bought for $2 from a bargain bin two years ago for $7,500.
Michael McCaskill didn’t immediately pay attention to “Stadium Events,” a 1987 track and field game among the 40 NES game cartridges he purchased for $80 at a garage sale in Texas in 2014.
“I had no idea other than it looked familiar. That was it,” McCaskill told CBS in an interview.
After a few Google searches, he discovered that the game is one of the rarest video games in the world, with no more than 200 sold by Nintendo before it was pulled from the shelves.
“(It’s crazy) to just go to your video game shelf and pick off a piece of plastic with a sticker on it that’s worth $8,000 that you didn’t pay anywhere near that for,” McCaskill said. “So you have to constantly pick it up and go, how lucky am I?”
He held on to his rare find for about two years before finally deciding to sell it for $7,500 to Alec Featherstone, owner of Freaks and Geeks Video Games store in Denton,Texas.
“To have it in my store for the sole purposes of getting hands on with it, to verify that it was real … it’s phenomenal,” said Featherstone of his purchase.
McCaskill was lucky to get the game for the price he paid considering it has been known to sell for over $10,000. A brand new copy has even sold for $35,100 last year.
“Something, you know, that rare, you expect to see in a museum. You expect to see in someone’s collection where you can’t touch it … where it’s completely hands off,” said Featherstone.
McCaskill, who thinks the game itself is terrible, seemed to be content about the deal and said he and his wife plans to save the money he earned from the sale in the hopes of buying a house someday.
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