US Dept. of Health Spokesman Exposed for Racist Tweets Against Chinese People

US Dept. of Health Spokesman Exposed for Racist Tweets Against Chinese PeopleUS Dept. of Health Spokesman Exposed for Racist Tweets Against Chinese People
Michael Caputo, the new spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, is under fire for his now-deleted tweets which include racist and derogatory remarks against Chinese people.
Caputo, who was recently appointed Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the HHS, is a longtime supporter of President Trump who worked on his 2016 presidential campaign.
His new role puts him at the center of the Trump administration’s COVID-19 pandemic response. Much like the president, Caputo loves to use Twitter to post insults and outlandish statements.
Caputo’s old tweets came to light after CNN reviewed his recently-purged Twitter history from late February to early April. Using the Internet Archive’s “The Wayback Machine,” CNN’s KFile was able to review over 1,300 deleted tweets and retweets.
Most of his tweets have been found to consist of conspiracy theories and controversial statements directed at critics of Trump and his administration. Some of them expose his views of the Chinese people and their culture.
For example, Caputo wrote a series of tweets on March 12 while responding to the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was brought by U.S. soldiers to Wuhan, China.
He wrote that “millions of Chinese suck the blood out of rabid bats as an appetizer and eat the ass out of anteaters.”
“Don’t you have a bat to eat?” he mocked a Twitter user.
“You’re very convincing, Wang,” Caputo balked at another. 
Caputo also posts tweets criticizing Democrats and the media, often using profanity and blaming them for intentionally creating panic around COVID-19 to hurt President Donald Trump.
Caputo told CNN that he deletes his tweets “every month and I do it because it drives people mad.”
He then claimed that he doesn’t mind at all as he knew how KFile will still have his tweets even after he deleted them.
Caputo justified his “spirited” tweets as then “a defender of the President,”  but noted that after the appointment, his tweets will be different as he is “now a servant of the American people.”
Feature Image via CBS Evening News
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