Naomi Osaka Gets the Sexiest Birthday Invite From Michael B. Jordan

naomi osaka

Japanese-American Tennis Champion, Naomi Osaka, just scored a date with her celebrity crush, and it’s all thanks to Ellen.

Back in September, Osaka was invited onto “The Ellen Degeneres Show” after her win at the U.S. Open against Serena Williams. She admitted to having a crush on actor Michael B. Jordan, known for his role in “Black Panther.”


Osaka, who is of Japanese and Haitian descent, became the first Japanese-born tennis player in history to win the U.S. Open.

On October 16, Ellen jokingly offered her a birthday gift, a topless photo of Jordan from his most recent movie, “Creed.”

Osaka jokingly responded back with “pls block me”. 

What no one expected was a response from Jordan himself with another sexy photo and a pleasant surprise for the tennis star:

Jordan responded with: “This one is better and more recent. LOL 😂 Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present 🎁” 

Being as shocked as she was, Osaka took to twitter to respond to the invitation:

Image via Twitter / @Naomi_Osaka_

Fans are taking to the comments to celebrate the moment and urging her to go. 

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