Michael B. Jordan Gets Exposed as a Weaboo and Suddenly Everyone Else is Too

Unless you’ve lived under a rock this past week, you’ve heard about the new Marvel movie that is raking in amazing reviews (and tons of cash) — “Black Panther”.

Black Panther

And why not? The movie is exceptionally well-made with lots of reasons to love it, like its homage to African cultures, stellar music, and flawless cast. Take, for example, Michael B. Jordan.

The man is clearly blessed, and so are we by being able to be on the same planet with him.

Naturally, since everyone is obsessed with him, they’ve started doing a little digging into his past…and as it would turn out, the man is a huge anime fan.

Like seriously, he loves anime.

And apparently, so do a lot of thirsty fans now.

Naturally, the internet loved it.


Killmonger Gif

Featured Image via YouTube / (Left): Marvel Entertainment | Instagram / (Right): el_dios_goku_yt

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