Miami City Attorney Compares Legalizing Medical Marijuana to ‘Having Sex With a Child’

Miami’s deputy city attorney, Barnaby Min, has been taking some heat after he compared the legalization of medical marijuana in the city to pedophilia.

The Miami Planning Zoning and Appeals Board gathered together on Wednesday night to come to an agreement on dealing with zoning regulations for allowing the sale of medical marijuana in retail outlets, HuffPost reported.

However, Min was not having any of it, and simply said: I’m happy to make it very easy. It’s not allowed.

In November, an overwhelming majority of voters in Florida agreed that medical marijuana should be legal in the state, according to the Miami New Times.

Adam Gersten, a board member and attorney, pressed the issue.

How is it possible that 29 states are currently, successfully implementing — some for long periods of time — medical marijuana manufacturing, distribution, licensing, etc.?” Gersten asked.

I have no idea, sir,” replied Min. “And I would never recommend to my client to ignore any laws [that] are out there, including federal laws.

That’s when Min gave a “very poor example” to prove his argument.

If the city of Miami for some infinite, god-forbidden reason thought having sex with a child was a great way to recover from some issue, and so we wrote it into our city code, just because the city says it’s legal does not mean it’s legal,” said Min. “So just because for marijuana, we say marijuana is legal and the state says it’s legal, until the federal government says it’s legal, it is not legal.

Min’s remarks were reportedly met with a few seconds of “extremely awkward silence”.

But online netizens decided to chime in on Twitter and got the heated debate going further:

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