Watch a Young Chinese Woman Eat Nearly 9 Pounds Of Cooked Rice in One Sitting

If competitive eating was an Olympic sport, this young woman would definitely win the gold for China at every event that involved chomping down large amounts of food.
Chongqing native Mi Zijun wowed her audience at a recent rice-eating competition in Hangzhou after downing over 4 kilograms, or about 8.8 pounds, of plain white rice. Her amazing feat is shown in all its glory here.
Now an online celebrity, Mi slowly rose to fame via video-sharing site Meipai for her unique gastronomical talent. In her videos, she showcases her ability to eat large amount of food in one sitting to her half a million subscribers.
Mi’s apparent superhuman ability to stay skinny despite her huge appetite is just as impressive. Her fit physique even enabled her to become a Taobao model.
Among her many amazing display of eating skill, Mi’s greatest hits include finishing 12 cups of instant noodles.
108 egg rolls:
52 cupcakes:
A ton of random food:
A week ago, a young Chinese firefighter became a social media sensation after showcasing a similar feat: eating a giant bowl of instant noodles
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