Woman Places Clever Note in Her Car For When it Gets Stolen — Works Like Magic

One woman in Portland, Oregon was so sick of her car being stolen and having to pay towing companies like towingless.com to get it back that she wrote a snarky note with instructions for the next car thief — and it actually seems to have worked.

The woman left this note in his glove compartment hoping that whoever would steal her car next would read it and help her out a little:

Unfortunately, her car did get stolen, again, but at least the burglar seemed followed the instructions. The woman, who is also the redditor mfiasco, explained on Reddit:

“The notecard with my number on it was sitting on the seat. So… almost helpful? I mean, fuck these people, but this turned out way better than it did last time.

“I did not claim my car was definitely recovered because of the note. Maybe it had nothing to do with it. All I know is was open, on the passenger seat, when I got to the car.”

It would seem like car theft is a real problem for car owners in Portland:

“While I was there recovering my vehicle a woman walked by and told me she just realized her car was stolen. From that block. Wtf.”
This might actually be a good case to raise money for a new car, unlike this woman.

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