Mexicans Everywhere are Celebrating Koreans for Beating Germany in the World Cup

Mexicans Everywhere are Celebrating Koreans for Beating Germany in the World Cup
Carl Samson
June 28, 2018
Fans of the Mexican national football team are celebrating Koreans after the latter sent Germany home in a 2-0 match on Wednesday.
Germany, champions of the previous World Cup, will not advance to the knockout round for the first time ever.
Image via Twitter / @theKFA
Apparently, South Korea’s victory means that Mexico — which lost to Sweden in 3-0 — will advance to the Round of 16.
“I went from crying to laughing,” AFP quoted Cecilia Gonzalez, a 22-year-old student, as saying. “Thank you Korea. I don’t even know quite where it is, but thank you, thank you.”
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Mexico fans took the news with jubilation and celebrated Koreans in crazy yet adorable ways.
For one, they lifted and cheered on individual, random Koreans.
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A group even made a parade for one Korean just after the Germany match.
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Many also took their happiness on social media, where they talked about visiting Koreatown and feasting on Korean food.
Others invited Koreans to the carne asada, a popular Latin American dish of grilled beef often served in celebrations.
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Meanwhile, others celebrated or expressed support for K-pop and K-dramas.
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There were also a couple of jokes such as one about changing Mexico’s official language to Korean, and another on praying to Korean Jesus.
Interestingly, the celebration also reached the South Korean embassy in Mexico, where fans made the Korean ambassador come out for tequila.

Mexican fans went to the Korean embassy and made the ambassador come out and drink tequila from r/soccer

Mexicans acknowledged that their entry to the knockout round is a favorable twist of fate. They are hoping for continued success.
“Mexico played very, very badly. Luckily the Koreans did us a favor,” lawyer Alan Gonzalez told AFP.
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