Mexican Talk Show Host Sparks Outrage After Calling BTS Gay

A host of a Mexican show is under fire for calling the members of the mega-popular South Korean pop group BTS gay during a May 28 airing of “Farandula 40.”

Host Horacio Villalobos pointed out the group’s attire when they received their award at the “2018 Billboard Music Awards.”

According to AllKpop, the host made fun of BTS’s outfits, saying:

It doesn’t matter if they wear ‘Gucci’ clothes. This ‘Gucci’ collection is a fail.”

They look like an LGBT group.”

They are all men?”

They look like they would work at a gay club.”

After receiving much hate online, Villalobos took to Facebook on Monday to officially apologize to everyone he offended, including the fans of BTS.

“We never intended to offend fans of BTS or anyone in our fashion section of ‘Farandula 40. If we did, we offer you a sincere apology,” he wrote.

Despite the apology, many fans were still furious by the host’s comments.

One fan went on to shake things up by saying that the host calling BTS gay was just the tip of the iceberg.

Others tried to calm all the hate.

Featured Image via YouTube / jimin-ddeok

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