Mexican Talk Show Host Under Fire for Forcefully Kissing Super Junior Idol on Live TV

K-pop fans expressed anger towards the hosts of Mexican talk show “Montse Y Joe” (“Montse and Joe”) for being sexually aggressive with some members of the massively popular boy band Super Junior.

Super Junior visited Mexico as part of the group’s “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 7” where they appeared as guests on the popular talk show, according to AllKpop.

As soon as the group entered the set, group member Leeteuk jokingly asked one of the female hosts, Montse, if he could sit on her lap. After it was translated, the female host immediately grabbed the K-pop star and placed him on her lap.

Things went a bit too far for the fans when the woman “forcibly” tried to kiss Leeteuk on his lips. However, the woman just went with a simple peck on his cheek instead.

You can clearly see the shock on his face.

Then, another kissing incident happened later in the interview after band member Siwon danced with Montse.

Some of the fans commented:

“The members seemed so surprised.”

“Totally sexual harassment.”

“Are they being rude and forceful just because they’re Asians??”

Others argued that it is just a difference in cultures and that Super Junior did not seem to be bothered by the host’s kissing.

Watch the full clip of the episode below and be the judge.

Featured Images screenshot via YouTube / (Left): Villalore | YouTube / (Right): K-PopCulture News

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