Metapod Sleeping Bag for Grown Adults is a 2020 Mood

Metapod Sleeping Bag for Grown Adults is a 2020 MoodMetapod Sleeping Bag for Grown Adults is a 2020 Mood
For anyone wondering what it’s like to be in the pupa stage of a butterfly’s life cycle, Bandai Japan is releasing a life-sized Metapod sleeping bag in 2021.
The details: Photos from Poké reveal that the Metapod suit doesn’t leave much room to wiggle around.
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  • The fluorescent green cocoon is made of polyester and nylon, GamesRadar+ noted.
  • It measures about 1,500 millimeters (5 feet) in length or 1,700 millimeters (5.6 feet) from head to toe and stands at about 970 millimeters (3.2 feet).
  • To get a better sense of how you can snuggle inside the sleeping bag, the model below, who measures at about 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 143 pounds, demonstrates how it’s done.
Pre-order: Pokémon fans will have to wait to insert their body into the Bug-type Pokémon, as the sleeping bag is not scheduled to release in Japan until April 2021.
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  • The Metapod sleeping bag sold out in seven hours, The Verge reported.
  • But it seems the product is back in the Bandai store as of this writing.
  • Pre-orders are available in Japan for 35,000 yen (around $334) at Premium Bandai.
  • There is no word on when Bandai will ship the Metapod sleeping bag internationally.
Feature Image via Premium Bandai
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