‘Merry Queer’: Episode 1 of South Korea’s first LGBTQ-plus reality show available on YouTube

‘Merry Queer’: Episode 1 of South Korea’s first LGBTQ-plus reality show available on YouTube
Iris Jung
July 18, 2022
“Merry Queer,” which features couples of different sexualities, is the first LGBTQ-plus reality series in South Korea.
Available on streaming platform Wavve — a joint platform between SK Telecom, KBS, MBC and SBS — “Merry Queer” is an LGBTQ-plus “coming out” romance reality series that premiered the week of July 8. Multiple storylines reveal the intimate experiences of the couples and the challenges they face in South Korea. The show is hosted by entertainment personalities Shin Dong-yup and Hong Seok-cheon and Hani of Exid. 

Although Wavve is not available outside of Korea, the first episode has been uploaded to YouTube by Bosungjun, one of the couples that make up the cast of “Merry Queer.”

The first episode of the reality series focuses on the everyday life of Kim Min-jun and Park Bo-sung, a popular gay couple with over 1.7 million subscribers on their joint YouTube account. The pair share their coming-out stories, frustrations with societal conventions and intention for marriage. 
Bosungjun will be joined by two additional couples: Yu Ji-Hae and Lee Min-ju and Im Ga-ram and Lee Seung-Eun. 
On their couple YouTube channel 노네임 No-name, Lee Min-ju and transgender Yu Ji-Hae share their lives with their 18.7K subscribers. Their channel trailer provides viewers with a glimpse into the difficulties of living as a transgender man who has not undergone a full physical transition. Their story is expected to be further explored in later episodes of “Merry Queer.”

The final couple is Im Ga-ram and Lee Seung-Eun, a lesbian couple who also have a YouTube channel, 토돌이네Todol’s. As of this writing, their channel has 156,000 subscribers. 

“Merry Queer” is not the only Korean LGBTQ-pluls reality showing coming to streaming platforms. “Stranger’s Love” is also expected to debut in mid-July on Wavve. This series will focus on men moving into the homes of other men in an “opportunity to confirm the honesty of the other’s heart,” according to Wavve.
“Merry Queer” and “Other’s Love” can be streamed through Wavve, which is only available in Korea.
Featured Image via Wavve
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