Merciless Dad Arrested After Stomping On His Toddler Daughter in China

A disturbing video of a father viciously slapping and stomping on a little girl in China has been making the rounds on Chinese social media.

In the clip taken from a mobile device, the girl can be seen being stepped on by a grown man while a terrified crowd watches nearby.  He then picked the toddler up and slapped her face several times. When one of the onlookers asked him why he was beating the child, he responded by saying there’s “nothing’s going on.” The despicable act reportedly happened at a bus station in northern China in Langfang, Hebei Province on December 2, reports The Paper (via Mail Online).  

(Warning: Violent video, viewer’s discretion is advised.)

Local authorities soon arrested the man who they later identified by his surname Zhang. Upon the initial investigation of the police, it was confirmed that the girl, who appeared to be just two years old, was indeed the 39-year-old abuser’s daughter. She has since been sent to her grandmother.

In a statement released by the police the following day, it said the girl was sent to a local hospital and has undergone a physical check-up and doctors have found no injuries. According to the authorities, she will now be under her grandmother’s care. As for his abusive father, the police said they will be announcing his penalties later.

Feature image via Youtube/Blagag

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