Mercedes Has Just Added a Stock Feature Straight Out of a James Bond Movie


Mercedes has just added the one feature you’d need if you ever find yourself being pursued by machine gun toting bad guys.

The company announced a new S class car- the S600 Guard sedan. It looks like a normal S class Mercedes, but it is fully bulletproof.

And when they say bulletproof, they don’t mean small arms fire, we are talking about being able to withstand rifle caliber rounds from military grade weapons; the car also resists fragments from hand grenades and explosive charges.

Bulletproof cars aren’t new to Mercedes, but they did require a custom job before. Now the car comes with a layer of steel between the outer shell and inner body and polycarbonate-coated glass to absorb the impact of live fire and prevent splintering.

The car can be ordered from Mercedes’ website, but no price has been announced yet. A standard S600 goes for around $166,000.

Who wouldn’t want their very own luxury tank?


Images: Mercedes-Benz
Source: Mashable
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