Watch Two Ridiculous Drivers in a Tunnel Refuse to Let the Other Pass for 40 Minutes

This week, two drivers in the U.K. were the latest to play out what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Meeting head to head in a one-way tunnel, both the woman driving a Mercedes convertible and the old man driving a Mercedes sedan refused to back out and let the other pass. Other drivers on their way back from work or trying to pick their children up at school left their vehicles to plead with the two stubborn drivers to back out and let everyone pass.

One man pleaded with the woman:

“There are moms around here trying to get their kids from school, right? So just f*cking back up and let’s go home. We’ll get the kids from school.

“Just back up love! He’s shitting himself. Just back up will you? What is wrong with you?”

Another woman confronted the woman driver and said:

“My teenage daughter and her friend are walking home now. If anything happens to them, it’s your fault!”

The same man confronted the male driver saying:

“Look, if you can’t back up mate, when the police get here, they’re going to take your license off you because you’re not capable of being on the road. Do you understand?”

Other stuck drivers begged the woman and the older gentleman to take the high ground and just back out first.

Eventually, after 40 agonizing minutes, one of the drivers backed out to let the other pass, but in this situation, everyone lost. No traffic jam has ever been caused by something more ridiculous.

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