Mercedes Driver in China Uses an Umbrella to Stay Dry in a Convertible

A driver in southern China confused onlookers when he propped an umbrella instead of securing the roof of his Mercedes convertible as rain poured down.

Multiple motorists filmed the bizarre moment that took place along a road in Nanning, China on Friday,

In various clips, the male driver can be seen minding his own business under the purple umbrella.

It’s unclear how he seemed to forget that he can retract the car’s roof and protect the rest of the vehicle’s interior. 

The clips have gone viral on Weibo, with users speculating different reasons to explain the strange choice.

Some think that the convertible malfunctioned, while others suspect that the driver didn’t know how to operate it.

“I think the roof malfunctioned.”

“Maybe the convertible is stuck?”

“The car isn’t his that’s why he can’t shut the roof.”

“He could’ve borrowed the convertible and had no idea about its roof.”

“His head must be broken.”

Regardless of the reason, authorities are now tracking him down for dangerous driving, according to Beijing News.

China’s Road Traffic Safety Law prohibits drivers from engaging in activities that compromise safety, such as using phones and watching TV.

Authorities hope that the driver will turn himself in for investigation.

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