Incredibly Buff Cat Might Break You If You Pet It the Wrong Way

Cats will often scratch their owners or random people if they are petted the wrong way, but this ridiculously buff cat posted by a Japanese Twitter user can probably break your fingers in a snap.

It’s unclear who the cat’s owner is, but Japanese Twitter user Green Pepper (@r2d2c3poacco) was enticed by its incredibly toned “meowscles.”

It also looks like the feline just got out of the gym and was relaxing as it takes in the view outside the window.

Japanese netizens were jealous by the cat’s unusual muscular body, according to SoraNews24:

“How do I get a perfect body like this?”

“He’s massive!”

“That would be what Yujiro Hanma [from anime Baki the Grappler] would look like if he turned into a cat.”

“His muscles are so brawny!”

“He’s so cool…”

“I wonder what his body fat percentage is lol”

“That’s one tough cat!”

“Meow….meowscle builder…”

Other users also tried to guess the cat’s personality.

“I bet he’s always standing in front of a mirror,” one netizen wrote.

Featured Image via Twitter / r2d2c3poacco

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