This Chinese man claims he ‘slept with an alien’ and is now waiting for a hybrid child

This Chinese man claims he ‘slept with an alien’ and is now waiting for a hybrid childThis Chinese man claims he ‘slept with an alien’ and is now waiting for a hybrid child
(left) screen shot via China Liaoning TV Official Channel, (right) Pixabay
Bryan Ke
June 1, 2023
A lumberjack from China gained instant fame in 1994 after he claimed that a female alien visited his home one night and had sex with him mid-air while his wife slept below them.
The alleged abduction, which would later be known as the “Meng Zhaoguo Incident” in reference to the lumberjack, started one night in June 1994 when the man claimed he saw a shimmering object on the mountainside near his home in the semi-mountainous town of Wuchang in Heilongjiang province.
Hoping to scavenge from what he assumed was the wreckage of a downed helicopter, Meng, then 26, reportedly went to Phoenix Mountain to investigate.
In an interview with The Huffington Post in 2003, Meng claimed that, while investigating the location from a distance, something suddenly hit him in the forehead, causing him to lose consciousness.
A different story reported by The World of Chinese claimed that Meng took his niece’s husband to investigate the alleged wreckage and that they were hit by a surge of electricity and a beam of light that knocked them unconscious.
Meng told The Huffington Post that he found himself at home when he regained consciousness, noting that he had no memory of how he made it back.
A 1994 report from the South China Morning Post informed by Chen Yanchun, director of the UFO Society of China, claimed that Meng was with around 30 men who took him back to their quarters soon after when he lost consciousness.
According to Meng, he was suddenly woken up one night a few days after his first encounter floating above his bed with his wife still sleeping in it.
That’s when he allegedly saw the female alien, which he described as 10 feet tall with six fingers and thighs coated in braided hair.
The two allegedly had sex, with several reports detailing varying durations, with The Huffington Post reporting it happened for 40 minutes while The World of Chinese, citing Meng’s interview in November 2021, stated it happened for only a few seconds.
Meng told The Huffington Post the alien suddenly vanished through a wall and that he floated back down to his bed soon after doing the deed.
Meng claimed his encounters with the aliens continued days after his copulation with the extraterrestrial visitor, with his next encounter involving him being taken to their spaceship.
Meng Zhaoguo via China Liaoning TV Official Channel
There, Meng alleged the aliens started circling him and spoke in “Chinese, but with a heavy accent,” which he noted was difficult for him to understand at first.
He claimed that they were refugees and, like him, also “wanted to escape their former lives, so they left their dying home.”
Curious about the female alien, Meng said he asked if he could see her, but they told him it would be impossible and instead informed him that “In 60 years, on a distant planet, the son of a Chinese peasant will be born.”
While aboard their ship, the aliens allegedly showed Meng a recording of a comet hitting Jupiter, an event that coincidentally happened when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hurtled towards the gas giant in July 1994.
Meng said the aliens returned to Earth and visited him again in 2016. During that time, they allegedly gave him a piece of the comet from July 1994, which scientists later analyzed and found to contain a rare metal called terbium.
Meng’s story soon attracted media attention across the country.
Several investigators from UFO clubs in China traveled to Phoenix Mountain to gather evidence, where they claim to have found scorch marks on trees and rocks split into pieces.
Wang Fangchen, the first chairman of the Beijing UFO Research Organization, told Story FM podcast that they “guessed [the scorch mark discovered] was from an aircraft taking off or landing.”
Wang also recalled that one researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences measured the radiation level inside Meng’s home and claimed that the device went haywire and showed inaccurate readings, notably on the walls where the alien allegedly entered.
I saw this with my own eyes…I can’t explain this phenomenon,” Wang recalled to Story FM.
Meng was also subjected to a polygraph test, also known as a lie detector test, under the supervision of local police, which he seemingly passed, China Daily reported in 2010.
Meng’s newfound fame saw him receive several gifts, including a cow, a new home and a job at a metropolitan campus, where he also brought his wife, daughter and son.
Despite the general interest in Meng’s case, some critics were not entirely convinced by the man’s story.
One major criticism came from Zhou Xiaoqiang, the former secretary-general of the Beijing UFO Research Organization.
Meng Zhaoguo has no credibility … local leaders have said he’s mad,” Zhou told Story FM, The World of Chinese reported. “Lots of the people who went to investigate already believed him, so they were easily led astray.”

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