Taiwanese Arcade Draws Backlash for Putting Bikini-Clad Women Inside Claw Machines

Meng Meng Da, an arcade in Tainan, Taiwan, attracted controversy earlier this month for putting four women in skimpy swimsuits inside four claw machines as part of the gaming center’s promotion.

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Dressed only in alluring swimsuits, the four women, dubbed as “bikini goddesses,” jiggled on stuffed animals to entice customers to play the claw machines, Shanghaiist reported.

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Many customers who played the game certainly lost a few coins. But luckily, the women were there to give words of comfort and encouragement to those who did not win anything.

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While some might find this act as nothing more than a dirty marketing strategy, others weren’t exactly thrilled by what Meng Meng Da — also known as Monmonda — did for its promotion.

According to SoraNews24, many netizens were not happy, calling out the arcade for being inappropriate and objectifying women. Some users wrote:

“This is treating women like objects.”

“I feel dirty just watching this.”

“What are children supposed to think when they see this?”

Meng Meng Da offered an apology on its Facebook account a day after the promotion, and the backlash from netizens. The company issued a letter saying, “From now on we will reconsider standards for preparing events,” as translated by SoraNews24.

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This certainly beats the claw machine that Alibaba set up in late September at a mall in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in east China, where shoppers could get a chance to win a live crab.

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