Science Has Terrible News For Women Who Are Intelligent

Science Has Terrible News For Women Who Are Intelligent
Laura Dang
October 20, 2015
Ladies, it really isn’t you. A
The study from the November issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo, University of Texas at Austin, and California Lutheran University.
Researchers found that a woman’s level of intelligence may threaten some men’s masculinity.
Subjects in the study were presented with a series of hypothetical scenarios where women outperformed them in class subjects such as English and math. The responses of what men found attractive in women were recorded from the 105 male participants.
Lead researcher Lora Park elaborated on the results to Mic:
“[The men] are attracted to women who are smarter than them when she is psychologically distant. Men show less attraction to a woman when she is psychologically near and outperforms him in the intellectual domain. Some preliminary evidence suggested that this was due to men feeling more threatened — in terms of feeling less masculine — after the woman outsmarted them when she was closer to him.”
This essentially means that men may find smart women attractive from afar, but less so when they realize that the women can outsmart them.
The study’s findings reveal another wrinkle in smart women’s dating problems. A recently published book called “Date-onomics” found there is a deficiency of single, college-educated men.
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