These Meme Costumes Are Going to Make a Lingerie Company $15 Million

Viral meme costumes are taking over party stores and online shops this Halloween.

Leading lingerie site is expected to generate $15 million from their line of Halloween costumes, including internet-inspired outfits, this October, according to Time.

Notable meme costumes include the “Is that dress white and gold or blue and black?” dress. The dress color conundrum puzzled netizens for quite some time when it swept the internet earlier this year.

The subway pizza rat, based on the viral video of a rat carrying a pizza down a flight of subway stairs, is also a top contender this Halloween.

A popular or not so popular political costume of Donald Trump is also available for women. It features Donald Trump’s recognizable “Making America Great” hat.


A Cecil the Lion costume is also available for those who would like to show their support for wildlife. According to Yandy, 20% of the proceeds of their limited edition costume will be donated to Global Conservation Organization.

Emojis are also expected to be quite popular this fall. Emoji-inspired costumes come in various styles.


“Netflix and chill,” the famous catchphrase among millennials, also makes for a clever couple’s costume.

How could anyone forget the “Left Shark” that made its famous debut during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Slender Man

Hashtag, for the Instagram lovers

Nyan Cat

Me Gusta


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