Melbourne Woman Goes on Bizarre Racist Tirade Against Asian Cashier in Convenience Store

Melbourne Woman Goes on Bizarre Racist Tirade Against Asian Cashier in Convenience StoreMelbourne Woman Goes on Bizarre Racist Tirade Against Asian Cashier in Convenience Store
A female customer at a convenience store was recently caught on video spewing her racist tirade against an Asian shop attendant in Melbourne, Australia.
The victim of the verbal assault filmed the unnamed woman as she went on with her hateful rant peppered with a variety of racial slurs, calling him a ‘dog’ multiple times.
The belligerent customer also made absurd accusations that she received fake money. Earlier in the video, the  woman, dressed in a tracksuit, can be seen saying:
“I’ll show you who the Triad is, it’s me. You’re a piece of s**t… you’re a nobody. You’re a dog, you’re a big dog, your own people are going to f**k you, that’s how much of a dog you are.”
While the employee remained silent, he kept the camera focused on the vile, abusive woman.
“You know what you’re doing right now? You’re looking into my private life, listening in my own home and not you’re filming me,” she shot at him.
She then went on to accuse him of giving her fake money, before pulling three different fingers at him, saying “here’s this in Chinese too.”
“Here, take my rubbish, go on,” she says as she hurled a plastic bag toward the shopkeeper.
She also rang the store’s service bell multiple times before bursting into an impromptu song about a dog.
“Doggie dog, dog, you wanna eat some dog?” she sang, before going back to her ramblings, this time calling him a “Triad doggie” who “f**ks your own kind.”
A man who appears to be a customer or another worker approached her in the end, trying to make her stop ringing the store’s bell over and over again.
“Get the f**k away from me, don’t you touch me,” she said, shifting her attention to the man.
“You can wait outside, this is my shop, get the f**k outside… can’t you see we’re in the middle of filming here?” she screamed at the man.
When the woman finally to decided to leave, she parted with more hateful comments:
“Are you going to call yourself Mohammad, you raping dog? You perverted s**t,”
Before heading for the store’s exit, she shouted at the cashier: “Get your cameras out of my house, you hear me?” 
The clip ended when the woman reached the door and removed the store’s “open” sign.
According to the Daily Mail, it is not clear when the video was actually filmed, although it surfaced online earlier this week. It was not known what actually sparked the incident.
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