‘Disease-Infected Dogs!’: Woman on Racist Rant Against Asians on Melbourne Train Gets Pinned

‘Disease-Infected Dogs!’: Woman on Racist Rant Against Asians on Melbourne Train Gets Pinned‘Disease-Infected Dogs!’: Woman on Racist Rant Against Asians on Melbourne Train Gets Pinned
A woman in Australia has become the subject of viral videos after going on a racist rampage against two Asian men wearing face masks aboard a Melbourne train last month.
The woman, who was traveling with a female child, referred to the men as “disease-infected dogs” and demanded them to “f*ck off to your own country.”
The incident, which was caught on video, reportedly occurred inside a Metro train near Oakleigh on March 25.
In the video, the woman can be seen screaming and questioning the men’s nationality, while her child companion — believed to be her daughter — repeatedly begs her to stop.
Melbourne train
The woman and the men face off on the train. Image Screenshot via Action Nerd
“F*ck off to your own country you disease-infected dogs,” the woman tells the men. “Australia is my country. [I was] born and bred.”
When one replies that he is from “this country,” the woman dismisses him and continues to challenge them.
Melbourne train
The woman challenges the men to prove their nationality. Image Screenshot via Action Nerd
“Are you f*ckin’ born and bred?!” the woman yells. “Are you a f*cking Abo?!”
Moments later, she tells one of them, “F*ck your face mask you disease-carrying motherf*cker.”
The men stand in apparent shock as the woman continues her racist tirade. Image Screenshot via Action Nerd
This week, new footage of the incident emerged, showing events before the woman stood up from her seat.
“What’s with the coronavirus, then?” she asks in the beginning.
The video cuts to both parties getting physical, with the woman being pinned briefly on the ground.
The next events appear to be those which had been filmed in the first video but include the arrival of a security officer.
The woman asks the men, “What’s with the coronavirus, then?” Image Screenshot via Mike Jay
“This c*nt is trying to go me,” the woman tells the officer.
However, the rest of the train yells “no” in unison.
The men pin the woman to the ground, throwing some punches. Image Screenshot via Mike Jay
A witness, identified as Amber, claimed that she was one of those who tried to intervene, but the woman in question snapped at her and called her a “German sl*t.”
“She was sat across the two guys and started pointing at them asking if they had a spare cigarette, to which they said ‘no,'” Amber told Daily Mail Australia. “Honestly, they were so timid, these lads. They were just normal, keeping themselves to themselves.”
The situation allegedly escalated from that point.
“She got up and started pointing their faces, calling them everything under the sun and making racial slurs. She then leaned forward and flipped one of their caps back. He obviously reacted, he stood up and shoved her back into her seat and then backed off,” Amber said, adding that the woman just “wanted more.”
The woman’s female child companion attempts to stop her but to no avail. Image Screenshot via Mike Jay
The incident has since been reported to Metro authorities and Victoria Police.
“We sincerely thank the passengers who intervened and the Protective Services Officers who responded. Victoria Police is now investigating this incident,” said Tilly Loughborough, General Manager at Metro Trains Melbourne. “Anyone who witnesses such behaviour should immediately alert Metro staff via the red emergency button located in trains and on station platforms, or contact police.”
Loughborough described the woman’s behavior as “appalling” and noted that it has “no place on trains or anywhere else.”
“We remind passengers to be kind to one another. Our staff are working hard to deliver an essential service for Melbourne during this difficult time,” she added.
Feature Images via Action Nerd
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