Racist Letter Calling Chinese People ‘Murderers’ Posted on Shop in Melbourne

Racist Letter Calling Chinese People ‘Murderers’ Posted on Shop in Melbourne
Carl Samson
September 11, 2020
A profanity-laced note found in Melbourne, Australia proclaimed Chinese people as “murderers” and demanded that they return to their “own, s***-filled China.”
The handwritten message, soon reported to the police, was left in a store located at a shopping strip in Clayton Road, City of Monash.
“Why don’t you bloody bird and wild animal s***-eating Chinese go back to where you came from? You have contaminated the whole world, killed millions — you are murderers,” the note said, apparently referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We don’t want you here. We hate you Chinese.”
Image via Cr George Hua
The note went on to describe Chinese people as “greedy, corrupt criminals” who take Australian lands, jobs, businesses and lives. Additionally, it claimed that Chinese people do not “accept or respect” Australians.
“Please piss off. You will never be Australian. You don’t look like us and you don’t accept or respect us,” the note said. “Please f*** off to your own s***-filled China!”
The shopping strip, which houses many Chinese restaurants, recently fell victim to vandalism. Greta Izurit, a 28-year-old vegan activist, was arrested and charged with 10 counts of criminal damage on Sept. 7, according to 7 News.
However, Victoria Police are unable to link the vandalism with the recent note. “There is no evidence to suggest the incidents [the damage to the stores] are racially motivated,” they told Yahoo News Australia.
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The note has since reached local officials, who condemned its author and reminded the public of immigrant contributions in the country.
“I am absolutely filthy [sic] and disgusted at the letter below that was posted on a shop window in Clayton not that long ago. This country has been built on the back of migrants from all around the world who came here seeking a better life for them and their families,” Monash Mayor Stuart James wrote on Twitter. “There is absolutely no place in this country, or indeed in the City of Monash, for these type of views.”
George Hua, a councilor for the City of Kingston, slammed the vandalism and the note in an earlier Facebook post.
“Many shops along the Clayton Road shopping strip, mostly Chinese restaurants, were smashed. Sadly, it is an attack on the local Chinese community and local businesses! I strongly condemn such racism and violent behaviour,” Hua noted. “Local businesses are already doing tough through the prolonged lockdown. Now another attack?!”
Investigations into the letter are underway. Police are trying to determine if it is an isolated case or connected to the string of vandalism in the area, the Daily Mail reported.
Izurit, on the other hand, is scheduled to appear at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on Oct. 6.
Feature Image (Cropped) via Cr George Hua
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