Asian Australian Couple Assaulted By Racist Teens Shouting ‘Ching Chong’

Asian Australian Couple Assaulted By Racist Teens Shouting ‘Ching Chong’Asian Australian Couple Assaulted By Racist Teens Shouting ‘Ching Chong’
An Asian couple was minding their own business in Melbourne when they were suddenly attacked by a group of racist teens.
On Friday, Facebook user Vital shared the incident he and his girlfriend had to go through one evening as they were looking for something to eat along Chapel Street on July 24.
“I don’t usually post stuff like this but I just hope people are aware that racism still exists and is pretty bad in Melbourne. I have tried to post it on all over the social media so people would be more aware,” he opened.
Based on his account, three young men approached them and started shouting at his girlfriend. When they tried to lay their hands on her, Vital protected her but ended up getting punched in the face.
“My girlfriend and I were just walking down Chapel Street on the 24th around 7 pm looking for something to eat and 3 Caucasian kids came up and started to shout in my girlfriend’s face and tried to lay hands on her. I got punched in the face trying to protect her so please do be careful.”
In an update to his post, Vital elaborated on what the men did that angered him so much.
“They initially jumped into my GF’s face and shouted ‘ching chong’ so I got offended and I said, ‘what’s the problem with you guys?’ and they started saying ‘Lil ching chong get the f*** off my country.’ Then cornered me and my GF.”
After bothering them, the men also bothered an Indian guy further down the street. 
Fortunately, a witness was able to record a video of the incident while other passersby assisted them and helped them to notify the police. 
“The video was taken from a guy who noticed the assault. We were lucky that many people that pass by still willingly helped us to call the police and supported me.”
Vital shared with NextShark how he felt both angry and terrified during and after the attack.
“Afterwards we were just really upset, disappointed and angry that this sort of thing still happens in 2019,” he added. 
According to Vital, the authorities are currently investigating the case using the footage from the witness and additional videos from surveillance cameras captured by nearby stores.
“They got CCTV footage from nearby stores that captured their faces,” he added. “I’m still waiting for the police to give me further notice on the case.”
Vital, who came from China to Australia nearly eight years ago, incurred some injuries, including a sore nose and a deep wound that got infected. While his girlfriend survived the ordeal without any injuries, she reportedly got a bit traumatized.
In response to the feedback they received from social media users, Vital said he appreciated the supportive comments but was saddened by a few negative commenters who criticized him for not putting up a fight against the attackers.
“I think I’m pretty happy with most of the supportive comments and reaction from people all around,” Vital said. “But a minority of people still have negative comments which I am deeply upset about too because now I do realize that in real life you get bullied so hard and now some people would also bully you online. Physical violence and mental violence that people just seem to not notice.”
Featured Image via Facebook / Vhbs Vital
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