Korean Teens Go Crazy Meeting K-Pop Star, Completely Ignore Melania Trump

Meeting the U.S. First Lady is considered by many to be a high honor. However, when in Korea and in the presence of a K-pop star, the game completely changes.

Melania Trump was in South Korea to speak at a state-sponsored event for the 2018 Winter Olympics when she met a group of teenage girls.

She appeared to be smiling and having a great time when suddenly one of the girls start screaming in excitement.

Her friend next to her becomes confused. “Girl, it’s just the first lady, control yourself!” she probably told her.

Suddenly she turns around and froze for a split second. Choi Min-ho, Actor and member of popular K-pop boy group Shinee, was standing behind him all along.

At this point, Trump is basically invisible. She starts screaming too, followed by the other girls — completely ignoring Trump.

However, Melania Trump was a good sport about it, smiling and enjoying herself.

Netizens on Twitter also had a few thoughts:

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