‘China sent us COVID’: Dr. Oz says he’s not ‘China’s friend’ in Pennsylvania senate ad targeting opponent

Mehmet Oz
  • Mehmet Oz, better known as the television personality Dr. Oz, has released an ad targeting Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary opponent David McCormick’s hedge fund investments in China.
  • The commercial video narrates: “First, China sent us COVID. Then David McCormick’s hedge fund gave Chinese companies billions… McCormick: China’s friend. Not ours."

Television personality, physician and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz takes a jab at former hedge fund executive and Republican primary opponent David McCormick with a new ad claiming: “David McCormick [is] China’s friend, not ours.”

Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, uploaded the video, titled “David McCormick China’s Friend Not Ours,” to his official YouTube channel on Jan. 31.

The Oz campaign is reportedly spending six figures to have the video run on broadcast and cable TV in Pennsylvania, according to Fox News.

“First, China sent us COVID. Then David McCormick’s hedge fund gave Chinese companies billions,” the narrator in the ad states. “We got sick. China got investments, and David McCormick got rich. McCormick: China’s friend. Not ours.” 

Oz and McCormick, two of the leading Republican contenders for Senate in the state, have been arguing over McCormick’s investments in China.

McCormick was the Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for International Affairs in former President George W. Bush’s administration and the CEO of the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. During his occupancy, he had reportedly raised $1.25 billion for its third investment fund in China, reported The Wall Street Journal

“I’ve negotiated with the Chinese as a government official. I had a reputation for being a very tough-minded negotiator to the point that the Chinese were pushing back to the president on the policies I was making under the Bush administration,” McCormick previously argued in an interview on FOX Business. “If you think about the kind of people we need, we need people that actually understand and can put forward a tough-minded set of policies with China, and that’s what I’ll do.” 

McCormick also noted that less than 2% of Bridgewater’s revenues come from China. In an attempt to get back at Oz, he highlighted the surgeon’s dual citizenship in Turkey and his merchandise that was made in “Chinese factories,” according to Fox News.

“Mehmet Oz – citizen of Turkey, creature of Hollywood – has spent the last 20 years making his fortune from syndicating his show in China, enriching itself through censorship and CCP propaganda,” McCormick stated. 

While many Republican lawmakers and candidates across the country have taken stances opposing China’s alleged human rights abuses and One-China policy actions, some have taken heat for their blunt and racist rhetoric that either does not differentiate between Chinese people and the Chinese government or blames the East Asian nation for COVID-19.

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