Meet the Vietnamese Student Who Hired Hitmen to Kill Her Tiger Parents

Asian parents are notorious for being extra strict in raising their children, especially when it comes to education.
A must read for potential “tiger” parents is the newly published book chronicling the tragic life story of 28-year-old Jennifer Pan, a Canadian-Vietnamese woman who hired hitmen to kill her disciplinarian parents for revenge after years of strict upbringing.
Her real-life crime story, written by Canadian journalist Jeremy Grimaldi, should serve as a cautionary tale to overzealous parents who push their children excessively in order to satisfy an obsession with academic success. The book, which was published earlier this month, is titled “A Daughter’s Deadly Deception.”
Pan was sentenced to life in prison without parole for 25 years one year ago for ordering a hit on her parents back in 2010, reported South China Morning Post. Her mother, Bich Ha Pan, was killed by gunmen while her father, Hann Pan, was shot and wounded in the staged attack inside their Toronto home.
During her childhood, Pan was seen as a model student, maintaining high grades (straight As) up to eighth grade. When she  began high school, however, her grades began to dip, getting grades that range from B to B minus.
This was not good enough for her father, who was a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam. She then decided to just fake all her report cards to please her dad with straight As.
Since her father wanted her to study pharmacy at the University of Toronto, she also pretended to do so. Instead of enrolling to the prestigious university, she decided to skip it and just spent hours at public libraries to make her parents think she was actually going to school.
To make her story believable, she even wrote notes taken from physics and chemistry books. Her deception even went as far as her faking her university graduation and later claiming to work at a hospital.
Pan, who at that point had been living a fabricated life just to please her parents, became a ticking time bomb.
When her father tried to meddle into her love life by insisting that she break up with her boyfriend, Pan snapped and decided to plot murder.
With the help of her boyfriend, she was able to organize a staged home invasion to murder her own parents. Two weeks after her mom’s death on November 8, 2010, Jennifer Pan admitted to planning the crime after a controversial police interrogation. 
“A Daughter’s Deadly Deception” goes on sale on December 6 2016.
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